Copper Recycling

in copper HVAC Plumbing House Remodeling

Recycling copper from HVAC systems, plumbing, and home remodeling projects offers significant benefits, especially with Research Alloys' services.

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Silver Revival: Unveiling Hidden Wealth Through Recycling

in Silver Silver Plated Recycling

In our eco-conscious era, recycling extends beyond the ordinary to include cherished heirlooms like silver platters, cups, and silverware. Many inherit these items, uncertain of their worth or where to turn. Yet, within these treasures lies a lucrative opportunity, particularly now, with silver prices soaring to unprecedented heights.

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Household Appliance Spring Cleaning

in Steel Aluminum Metal Recycling Spring Cleaning

As spring cleaning season arrives, it's crucial to consider the environmental impact of disposing of old household appliances. Many of these items contain hazardous materials that can harm ecosystems if not handled properly. This spring, instead of tossing old appliances in the trash, consider recycling them to prevent environmental pollution.

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Patio Furniture Season

in Steel Aluminum Metal Recycling

Patio Furniture season is upon us! Let's take a moment to discuss why you should recycle your old set.

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March Madness? Recycle!

in Steel Aluminum Metal Recycling

March Madness is upon us! Let’s take a moment to discuss what you can do with your old basketball equipment and how recycling it is a great option for environmental sustainability.

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Jewelry Recycling

in Gold Silver Metal Recycling Jewelry

Many of us have old jewelry pieces lying around, gathering dust and memories. These items may have sentimental value but no longer fit our style or lifestyle. Bringing them in to be scrapped is akin to giving them a new lease on life.

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Fitness Equipment Recycling

in Steel Metal Recycling fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is constantly evolving and improving. Let's take a look at how recycling old equipment can impact your community and how it is important to recycle.

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Christmas Light Recycling

in copper Metal Recycling wire Christmas Lights

Christmas lights contain copper, glass, plastic and other recyclable materials.

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Military Recycling

in Metal Recycling Military

The military uses a lot of different types of metals, most of which can be recycled. Let's take a look at the importance of recycling and how we can achieve a more sustainable operation.

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Aircraft Recycling

in Aircraft Metal Recycling

Aircrafts contain many different recyclable metals. Some can be difficult to process and have very niche purposes.

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