Stargate Metals sells usable metal for fabrication, good used machinery, and parts to help out with most any project. Call Rick Smith for current pricing and inventory. (614) 348-9714

We sell various types of aluminum, bronze, stainless, brass, steel, and secondary equipment.

To inquire about pricing or services, call us at (614) 348-9714.

See below for common products and associated pricing:

Research Alloy Co. Inc.

Alum Smooth

Stainless Steel

Alum Square Tube

Stainless Steel Flat

Circular Saw Cut

Alum Flat Bar


Steel Sheet


Alum Angle




Painted Alum


Alum Rectangle Tube


Alum Tread Plate


Alum Round



Steel Angle


Steel Tube


Steel Flat Bar


Alum Flat